Mob Bosses

What is a body chain?

The body chain is the crazy stepsister to the boring necklace. There’s a body chain jewelry that will flatter your face shape, body, and outfit for every badass b*tch. How do they work? They usually start from the neck like a traditional necklace and work their way down in vertical lines to the hip or waist area where they securely clasp. They’re changing how we look at jewelry and spinning the fashion world on its’ head. You don’t need to wear it only with a bikini, it can be rocked over top a summer dress, under a blazer, paired with a crop top and more.

Who is Element 7?

ELEMENT 7 is the original badass body chain brand. Body chain jewelry was first seen being worn by celebrities, musicians and all around badasses. It was the Rihanna body chain and the Beyonce belly body chain jewelry that created the buzz it has today. Fashion and style bloggers adore Element 7 for our unique voice in the jewelry world. We believe in letting music drive the soul, fierce independence and tapping into your inner badass.