• MOB BOSS UPDATE: Claire Liu of Von Vogue

    Claire has got some serious grit. With fall coming we're in the sweater and jeans shopping mode but can't toss those body chains aside (they're just too fricking pretty!). 

    Check out her latest post here. Order the Cadence body chain from us here. 

  • What is Swag? The MOB Edition

    Forget the baggy pants and those tacky gold rings. We see swag as confidence and all women have it. Whether you're the next big pop star who is going to audition to audition, the fledgling entrepreneur on her first venture, or that young mom pulling two to three jobs to keep afloat -- it's that spark inside of us that will never fade. 

    So embrace your swag and always keep your head held up high. 

  • MOB BOSS Update: Feral Creature Joins the Face Chain Gang

    Feral Creature calls us the raddest and baddest accessories company but we gotta pass the props right back to this babe. We're obsessed that she chose our Juno face chain to feature in her latest August blog

  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: City Girl Misfit

    When we met Maria of City Girl Misfit it was a totally happy accident. Turns out this girl and her own #GIRLGANG were the hottest item in Vegas in August and rocked our body chains like no other. 

    Why she's a MOB BOSS: 

    Maria and her girls don't compromise when it comes to confident style. That's the mob mentality right thur. 

    Check out our Bree body chain that she's repping. 

  • Back to School Food Essentials: 2014 Badass Version

    Hey, we wanna take some time to talk about how education is important for badass babes like you. We salute you single mothers, teens, young career women, wives, and all you other ladies who have pursued a higher calling in life. Whether it means pulling hours after work to study for your degree or diploma, or going to medical school to become a surgeon. We respect that. 

    Eating healthy is one of those essential things about your everyday life schedule that can't be ignored. Keep your brain, body and soul nourished.

    So in lieu of one of the freshest starts of the fall season, we've put together a practical but fab list of food options for you.

    Source: Click Here

  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Randa of The Unprecedented

    Randa's a Vancouverite and we love her. She rocked our Cadence body chain at this year's Diner En Blanc in Vancouver and chose to pair it with a modern yet elegant dress. We love her strappy heels and the detail of the white nails!

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    Randa's not just a pretty face and a lifestyle blogger. She's the founder and runs I See Noise Prints. 

  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Sophie Hannah Richardson

    Sophie Hannah Richardson's the kind of girl who isn't afraid to turn some heads. This badass babe is a hustler and knows how to get what she wants. She works side by side as a Shopcade fashion correspondent and also runs her social media empire. 

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    This girl's a boss because she knows what it means to stand up and speak out. Never shy from showing off her personal style, Sophie's one to watch for. Get her body chain look here


  • Remembering Robin

    If you're a child of the 80's 90's and even the millennials you'll know who Robin Williams is. We can't deny the sadness and pain of losing a friend like him. But if Robin were looking down at us from that star in the sky he'd laugh and remind us to celebrate his life and our lives.

    Saying life is short is easy to say but hard to understand. Let's live it to the fullest. Thank you for the laughs, Robin. 

    -xo, Chloe

  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Jessica Choi

    Jessica Choi is one of those girls who look sweet but really carry an edge. Not only was she a pageant winner of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2007, she's more than just a pretty face. This MOB BOSS drives stick, is an aspiring event coordinator and an fledging fashion blogger. 

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    We just think it's dope that this babe drives stick and knows how to rock high waisted pants with a crop top. 

    Check out the Waterfall shoulder chain she's spotted wearing and her Vertebis body chain. 


  • What Type of Mob Boss are you?


     VOTE and tell us what type of #MOBBOSS you are to WIN body chains & a feature in our #MOBBOSS spotlight! 


    The Entrepreneur:

    You are a self starter,a woman who isn’t afraid to take over and take charge.

    The Mogul:

    You’re on top of your game at work and at home.You aim for the highest & not afraid to make mistakes.

    The Visionary:

    you see opportunities to get involved. You’re a game changer, sometimes even a trouble maker

    Pick the one that best describes you! 

    pollcode.com free polls 




  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Katie Jay

    If you haven't heard of Katie Jay you don't know what you're missing. Model, style connoisseur, lifestyle ambassador, this  girl is from our home sweet home, Vancouver too! Katie knows what it means to be versatile, a real chameleon (just look at her Tumblr). Any girl who can be transformed is a master of disguise and we dig that.

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    Katie's a real deal chameleon. Catch her if you can. Check out her Lust body chain she's rocking here

  • Just Around the Summer's Bend

    Whenever July 31st rolls it's beautiful, bright head around the corner I feel sad that half of summer's already slipped away. August is that month where you need to squeeze in everything you wanted to do this summer all into the last four weeks.

    Get in shape, go tanning, road trip, iced sangrias, outdoor movies, star gazing, skinny dipping. Just a few on my list that I haven't even touched yet. I let some days become dog days but now that it's August I really can't afford to let this sunshine go to waste. 

    -xo Chloe

  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: NÜN STYLE

    Wild eyed, bright haired Nun is our obsession. Her energy is unstoppable and her swag is vicious. More than just a style blogger, she's come out with her own clothing line called Nunbangkok. It's got sass and I've already added a few pieces onto my wishlist <3. 

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    Like we said, her ambition is unstoppable and her work is incredibly evolved. We love Nun and know she'll go far. Grab the Revolver body chain she's rocking here.

  • Top Five Music Videos We're Obsessed With

    Music videos aren't dead yet. I remember watching Much Music (now MTV) back in the day and seeing how the art of the music video has evolved.  Here are the top five we just can't get enough of.

    1. Turn Down for What - DJ Snake & Lil Jon 

    2. Shades of Cool - Lana Del Rey


    3. G.U.Y - Lady Gaga 


    4. Animals - Martin Garixx


    5. All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor

  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Samantha Ravndahl

    Samantha Ravndahl is more than a pretty face. This badass bish hails from our hometown, Vancouver BC and is one of the only makeup artists we're excited to work with. 

    Not only is she known to be the spearhead of Batalash, but this babe takes makeup to the next level. Her work is flawless, she has a creative flair paired with a passionate ambition. We love Sam and know she's onto big things. 

    Check out her Cadence body chain shown here.

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    She's a fighter and stands her ground as an artist, woman and badass bish. 

  • A Bang Moment

    I've been debating all summer long if bangs are in or not for 2014? I go back and forth with my hairdresser and all she says is that either you go all in or you don't do it at all. So before making that (maybe regretful) decision, I put together a pros and cons list for my next hair adventure.



    • Hiding those random pimples that pop out of nowhere

    • Instant age reversal

    • Makes a plain pony-tail look classy 

    • Hide your eyes behind them when that hottie walks by



    • Maintenance, maintenance, and oh, did we mention: maintenance?! 

    • Avoiding the awkward greasy forehead look

    • Can't really try the 'long bang' look without pinning back your short bangs

    • They get in the way when you're trying to talk to that hottie that stopped by


    Another idea is to get the swept side bangs if I'm not entirely committed to the full bang. And don't even do the partial thinned out bangs look, it is so 2001. I'm all for the swept side bangs, but just in case I've bought a pair of shears from night market just in case I make that leap. It might take a few glasses of wine and a good novel but it could happen, seriously. 

    -xo Chloe

  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Liz Albuquerque

    When we first met this Brazilian beauty we were floored. Liz is the blogger and tastemaker of The Red Lil Shoes and when we took one look at her we knew she was one to watch for. Her blog is more than outfits put together, her images really tell a story and you're drawn into her world. 

    Grab her Bree body chain. 

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    Liz knows what it means when a picture is worth a thousand words. 


    Read more here

  • Pure Obsession: Lorde

    Hat's off to Ella Yelich-O'Conner, better known as Lorde

    Not only do we play her music like it's our summer anthems, but we're amazed this kiwi talent is only 17 years old. Seventeen. 

    This firecracker spirited girl inspires and reminds us that it's ok to be weird, draw on some eyeliner or just go naturele. The point is to be yourself. 

    So thank you, Lorde not only for your sick jams but also for being that role model our #girlgangs look up to. You're a badass. 

    Picture source: Getty Images


  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Von Vogue

    Claire of VonVogue may look sweet but watch out. She's got the girl next door look but she's a genius when it comes to personal style evolution and has her own empire in the Lookbook world with over 12,000 fans and counting. 

    Check out the Bree body chain she's repping from us here.

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    We like a girl who looks like she's sweet but can also kick ass. That's our cup of tea.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey: Thumbs Up or Down?

    The truth is there are two camps of women (and men) when it comes to E L James' "Fifty Shades of Grey":

    Those who have read it;

    and those who refuse to read it.

    The book is largely an easy pick-me-up read novel with relatable characters and a sizzling, juicy plot-line. Some call it cheesy, boring and a mindless filler. Other women are obsessed, like freaking RAVING fanatics about this book and have read the entire series at least four times.

    Either way, this written sensation is now officially on the big screens. And did I mention it's proudly filmed in Vancouver?!

    -xo Chloe


  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Feral Creature

    Feral Creature's Eugenie Grey has grit and guts. We're stoked to announce our collaboration with her blog, be expecting to see this badass a lot more from us. She's one of the few style chieftains who sticks to her guns and knows what it means to stay true to yourself and your style evolution.

    Check out the Revolver body chain she's repping from us here.

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    Quickly rising in the ranks of style bloggers and tastemakers, Feral Creature inspires confidence and is never afraid to be a little rebellious.

    Check out the Revolver body chain she's repping from us here.

    See more here.

  • Send in Your Selfies!

    We're all about your selfies and love that you send them in for us to regram, retweet, reshare, repo--you get the drill.

    Here are just a few of your badass body chain jewelry selfies you've sent us, use our hashtag #E7MOB to rep it. 

  • 5 Habits That Make You a Professional Badass

    You're a confident woman and you know what you want. Find out what habits define you as a professional badass.


    1. You're not afraid of a challenge.

    We're talking about speaking up when you have the chance to, or resisting that extra candy bar during lunch. It's the small things that count--and even the tough decisions that come your way!  

    2. You know how to roll with the boys.

    A professional badass has a healthy group of her girl gang babes and has a group of those guy friends she can always count on. You're not afraid to crack a beer (or continue to sip on your wine) and roll with the punches and get with their jokes. 

    3. You walk and talk like a boss.

    You've got that walk, and you know what we're talking about. For our professional badasses in training, you just gotta fake it till you make it.

    4. You've gone to or planning to go to at least one incredible summer music festival.

    Whether or not you also sang so hard that you lost your voice is our little secret ;). 

    5. You're not afraid to roll up your sleeves.

    Hey, if there's work to be done you're on it. You're not a girly girl and know to get the job done. 


  • MOB BOSS Spotlight: Valerie Flores

    Valerie Flores may look sweet but that girl's got bite. She totally gets us: there's so many people who love body chain jewelry but don't know what to wear with them. She'll show you how.

    Why she's a MOB BOSS:

    She's got a gift for being creative and knows fashion isn't just about slapping clothes together. It's all about the lifestyle and we can't get enough of all her posts with her family, every day life and those selfies.

    P.S. And how can you not love that smile?