Element 7 Fashion Show at the Official Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight Afterparty January 15 2013, 0 Comments


Element 7 was one of the lucky few to showcase in the fashion show at the Official Lady Starlight & Lady Gaga Afterparty (presented by LuvnGrace/Donnelly Group/AXS) at Republic Nightclub. It was such a blast and we got to meet Lady Starlight, how lucky are we right? See more photos in our photo album on our facebook page!

Photo credits: Desmond Cheng

Hairstylists: Annie Chen, Julia Rottboll 
Makeup artists: Sarah Mysnuk, Paola Trinidad Ortega
Models: Alison Powróżnik, Leticia Canales, Emilija Matas, Taryn, Susan Puno, Stephanie Hood, Tannis Skye, Mihola Terzik