Element 7 designs for Lady Gaga & Lady Starlight January 15 2013, 0 Comments

Lady Starlight while in Vancouver picks up her and Lady Gaga's custom one-of-a-kind designs by Element 7's designer Jennifer Yemu Li. The Fame Monster's right hand woman paid the designer a visit during their fashion show at the official Lady Gaga & Lady Starlight afterparty at Republic nightclub in Vancouver. The pieces are custom made to embody each of these superstars personas. 

Below are some shots of what they look like, Lady Starlight loves them, do you? ;). 

Lady Gaga's custom face chain is made from three different types of chain, carefully woven and intricately put together to sit comfortably on the head. Truly a stunning piece for the Fame Monster.

Lady Starlight's body chains are each versatile for every outfit. They are easy to wear and would rock any outfit while she's on her DJ set.