Body Chain - Britannia

    • XS-S
    • M-L
    • Silver
  • This body chain jewelry is short and sweet. Throw it over your summer style, fall fashion or winter wardrobe. Can be worn over and under all clothing. 

    Made from silver tone dipped alloy chains.


    *Please avoid sea/ocean water as well as chlorine as it will tarnish the toning quickly. This piece is sand, sunscreen and water friendly but for short periods of time and must be wiped dry and stored in a cool, dry place.



    All Element 7 body chains are 100% Canadian made. Our quality is the bomb and we ensure that it's all ready to rock before it's shipped straight to your door. No sweatshops, copycats or less than average stuff--we're the real deal. Welcome to the mob. #E7MOB
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