About Us


We stand for independent music & undaunted self expression.

We are a body chain jewelry brand that is going to turn the conventional jewelry industry upside down. We are inspired by passionate leaders in music, art, film and fashion. 


Our Brand is Our Cornerstone

Element 7 represents a unique way of looking at and wearing jewelry. Element 7 stands for merit, innovation, and creativity, and strives to make that apparent in all aspects of the brand.


Outstanding Customer Service and Satisfaction

Element 7 strives to meet our customers’ satisfaction with the highest quality of service possible. Customers' needs are on the forefront of our priorities and we aim to establish a long-term and loyal relationship with them.


Innovative and New Collaborations

Element 7 is adamant about working with individuals who are equally passionate about what they do. Whether that be singing, acting, or dancing, we are always looking for new collaborations that will excite our customers and elevate our brand.